Site review:

I'm viewing the website on a 12" tablet with keyboard attached. I am hoping to be able to give you some constructive criticism to help you.

My initial thoughts are that the picture 'book' at the top is very attractive. The photographs are stunning and catch the eye. The pages turned a little too fast to be able to read them effectively, and I'm glad they stopped after one round through, as they were getting distracting. The actual 'book' takes up quite a large proportion of my screen, which unfortunately means I can see only a little of the text. Some websites which do this want you to click to enter the site, so it wasn't immediately obvious if I had to click or scroll. Someone with few computer skills may not notice that they have to scroll. I would suggest it could be a touch smaller to take up no more than 1/3 of a page.

On scrolling down, the logo and website heading disappears. It may be helpful to people to keep that on top wherever a person is scrolling to on the page so that the business name is imprinted on them.

It took me three goes to read the first sentence correctly. I think it really needs rewording so that it is clearer that this page is for up to 28 days only. Perhaps something like: This page covers policies for up to 28 days. If you need a policy from 28 days to 8 months, please click here.

Would I buy it? Yes, it's a great idea. I have often had need when someone borrows my car or similar. I felt confident in reading the text that it is a good solution to a problem. However I personally baulk at putting my personal details into a system just to get a quote. If you offered some sample quotes (emphasising they are samples and each situation is assessed differently) you may find people have more confidence in getting their own quotes. Many people who are looking for something like this have no idea if the insurance is likely to cost 20 or 200, and ballpark figure may encourage them.

The text on is fairly thorough. I didn't feel at the end that I had more questions which had not been answered (apart from the price). Have a look at my suggestions, but I believe you have a strong start already.

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